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roger dubuis replica

Dourde says that roger dubuis replica must tread lightly, while emphasizing cutting-edge technology but still incorporating traditional watchmaking.

He emphasizes that "We must be careful not to destroy the past." We don't want the watchmaking aspect of the equation to be minimized. The mechanical movement is what generates the energy and regulates the time. We will continue to experiment with new watches and products. It's like Tesla: a company was introduced to a market that was too mature and proposed a car with modern technologies and interaction with it and the brand in an entirely new way. At our level, replica watches is more like Tesla than any other watchmaking brand.

Everything roger dubuis replica does will highlight the hydro-mechanical aspect of its timepieces and its unique combinationofliquid technology with modern watchmaking.

Dourde states that they plan to continue investing in liquid technology. "Living in 2017 we can't continue to make variations of innovations from 200 years ago, such as the minute repeater or the tourbillon- the watchindustry has been making these since more than 100 years. Although the industry has made many improvements, we are aware that there is still much to do.

roger dubuis replica and the USA

The USA is a natural market market for roger dubuis replica. roger dubuis replica will now be focusing their efforts on the market they believe will be the best for the brand in the long-term.

Dourde smiles and says, "I think that we are the most American Swiss watch brand with the suppliers and technologies we use." The most expensive parts of our watches come from the USA--thebellows, coatings and more.Breguet Replica Watches We have the SwissMade criterion's most American added value timepiece. So,forroger dubuis replicait'sourmost natural market.

He continues, "Americans love new technologies, new product, and new ways to do things." We have a strong collection of collectors but we are now seeing a new generation wealthy people who don't wear watches. They don't like smart watches or existingwatchmaking, but I believe roger dubuis replica does. It is encouraging to see people enter watchmaking through roger dubuis replica. We have the potential of talking to American people in an entirely new way, which is why the USA should and will be our number one market."

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